Yesterday in Lifewriting, we talked about rejections and our feelings about them. I’ve worked in entertainment for a while, and I’ve developed a healthy attitude towards submissions and rejections. When I worked in film festivals, and I had to reject films, I wasn’t considering the feelings and passion of the submitters. I was looking for things that fit the theme, format, and time slots.

When you submit, consider that the publisher is working against page count and seeing what they can shoehorn in. Don’t feel that you are being judged.

My personal feeling when I get a rejection is that I checked off a box. Rejections are progress towards a goal. Now you are done waiting and can send your piece to the next potential publisher. Keep it pushing.

Note: you can apply this to other rejections as well. Dating, bank loans, friends, jobs etc. don’t get hung up on anything. Just check boxes and keep it pushing.

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